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The recorded input of "Doeltjies" Isaacs on 'Cape Malay' music goes back to the 1930's during the time of Percival Kirby and the Cape Malay ra'king. Here "Doeltjies" demonstrates the Cape Malay lingo dance, Bellville, South Africa, 1985.


Members of the Suid-Afrikaanse Koorraad  (SAKR) on 13 May 1985 at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town. A video-recording of this historic occasion was made at the time and is still available.


      Adam Samodien, the former                                 A choir group of the SAKR

   chairperson of the SAKR at a                                in a  display of synchronised

     camp-site , Macassar, near                                       march-past,  Athlone,   

         Cape Town, April 1985.                                                  Cape Town.



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