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Coons/Nagtroepe: The Coon Carnival festival is almost synonomous with New Year in Cape Town.  The Coon counterpart called nagtroepe (night troupes)  consists of groups of choirs led by bands that render traditional nederlandsliedere and moppies at selected homes in the Cape. From a tourist point of view,  these performances unfortunately take place in the early morning hours during the New Year's festive period in Cape Town. 

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Hindu Bhajans:

Hindus constitute the largest religious grouping within the Indian population in South Africa.  Our forthcoming publications aim to provide religious musical material on Bhajans.

Popular Indian film music scores may be published sometime in the future!  

Cape Malay Music:

Our forthcoming publication to be launched SOON highlights this important Cape musical heritage with its discernable eastern roots, particularly in the nederlandslied.  The numerous forms and styles are discussed in this musical treatment of 'Cape Malay' music, the first of its kind! 

The Afrikaans language constitutes the texts of most secular 'Cape Malay' music genres.


This is a growing mainly vocal style, and in time will challenge  'Cape Malay' secular music in general popularity, if not already!

We have maintained close ties with foremost performers, and hope to encourage the practice of qasedah music more through our own publication efforts. 


Notable scholarly input has been occurring in this field in recent years.  Being internationally important, and only  "culture specific" in a narrow religious sense, we hope to bring these fine musical forms to general public attention, in close association with the musical performers themselves.


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