Pravin Desai Financial Planning
                                                 “Your Future Matters”
Authorized Financial Services Provider-41245  Licensed Practice: PR-0B51D1C
                                                 11 Baxter Street, Bellville, 7530    

                                                 074 1793758 Fax: 086 517 3248



                             Pravin                       Pravin's Mom with his lovely new-born     

                                                                               daughter, Ziva 





                       PRAVIN  DESAI


CELL NUMBER                                   074 179 3758        


HOME TELEPHONE                            N/A   


HOME ADDRESS                               5 Madeliefie Street









Personal information



NAME                                               Pravin


SURNAME                                        Desai


DATE OF BIRTH                              11 April 1982


MARITAL STATUS                          Married with 2 Dependants


DRIVERS LICENCE                          Code 08


NATIONALITY                                 South African


HOME LANGUAGE                           English


ID NUMBER                                    Contact:




Educational Background




1999                                                    Settlers high School

Qualification obtained       Matric (with Exemption)


Subjects                             English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Accounting (All on Higher Grade)




2001 till Current                UNISA

Qualification                      BCompt and BCom Law


Subjects completed           Accounting 3, Auditing 3, Commercial Law 2, Taxation (Personal and Companies) 2, Private Law 1, Mercantile Law 1, Economics 1, Business Management 1, Quantitative Management 1 (Financial Mathematics), English 1, Accounting Data Processing 2, Estate Planning 2, Insolvency Law, Entrepreneurial Law,


2000                                                    UCT                                                                                        

BA Law


English, Information Systems, Latin and Greek, Politics, Business Law, Economics, Linguistics, Word Power, Critical Thinking, Law of Delict, Constitutional Law, Law of Persons, Law of Succession, Customary Law




MS Excel

MS Word

MS Windows


MS Outlook

Internet Explorer


SARS E-filing

Various Financial Planning Software and quotation systems








Accreditation No: BR25194





Current Operation




Date: Current

Position:  Managing Director


Sole Proprietor- Pravin Desai Financial Planning

Services: Financial Planning, Tax Practice and Accounting Services


·        Financial planning: Life, Risk, Investments, Health Care, Short-term, Pension and Provident Funds, Business Assurance:

-         Momentum

-         Altrisk

-         Metropolitan

-         Resolution Life and Health

-         Medihelp

-         Investgold

-         Allan Gray

-         Santam

-         Chartis

-         RMB


·        Tax Practitioner and Accounting Services: Individual or Organization

-         VAT, PAYE and Tax return completions

-         Monthly bookkeeping

-         Financial Statements

-         SARS Queries


DATE: August 2007 TO March 2010




DATE: June 2005 TO December 2006





REASON FOR LEAVING: Ready for bigger challenges and believes that the opportunity will allow for substantial growth



DATE: January 2007- July 2007

INSTITUTION: Old Mutual (PFA Emerald)

PREVIOUS POSITION: Financial Advisor




·        Accredited for the following Old Mutual Products: Risk: Greenlight, Max Investments, Fairbairn Capital, Mutual and Federal and Oxygen.

·        Estate Planning

·        Navigation on Windows and expert computer systems (Siebel, Pathfinder, Finalizer)

·        Marketing of Old Mutual Products to General public of South Africa

·        Investment Management and buying/selling of units on behalf of clients

·        Administration of investments and client portfolios such as client reviews of investment and current risks

·        Assessment and formulation of solutions to risk

·        Completion of application forms and filing

·        Client Service and calling to set up telephonic appointments and service requests

·        API –R 100 000- R 120 000 p.m.


REASON FOR LEAVING: Call centre environment


DATE: March 2005 TO May 2005                        

INSTITUTION: Executive Promotions      

POSITION: Trainee Branch Manager




REASON FOR LEAVING: Better prospects at Momentum 




Employment History



DATE: December 2004                    

INSTITUTION: FNB: Tibault Square

POSITION: Financial Planner Assistant


DATE: February 2003- February 2004

           September 2001, July 2002                     


POSITION: Administrator



DATE: June 2000          

INSTITUTION: S.T.L. Advertising

POSITION: Promotional Work 


REASON FOR LEAVING: Contracts expired  





Pravin Desai Financial Planning (Currently - since February 2009)

 Sole Proprietor

     Registered Tax Practice, Accounting Services and Financial Services

     Provider (FSP License No: 41245, Practice No: PR-0B51D1C)


Oakdale Events (Pty) Ltd: resigned August 2010

          50% shareholder

          Financial and Administration Director

          Established January 2010


MAWATLA Electronics CC:  resigned August 2010

          Member (50% shareholder) of MAWATLA Electronics CC

          Financial Manager of CC

          Established September 2007


 Thuli Distributors CC: resigned August 2010

          Member (50% shareholder) of Close Corporation

          Financial and Administration Manager 

          Established February 2008


Duties within corporations

·        Financial Record Keeping and strategic planning towards companies future

·        Compiling and completion of tenders

·        Planning and directing

·        Duty of keeping corporations within legal and statutory requirements and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices

·        Drafting and formulating of Employment contracts, Association Agreements and Third Party contracts

·        Presentations done to:

The Speaker Mr. S. Beideveldt: Western Cape Legislature

Minister L. Ramatlakane: Minister of Community Safety

Mr. K. Mtombene: Commissioner to the office of Correctional Services- Minister N. Balfor

Dr. Platski- Local Organizing Committee 2010

Mr. Sakkie Jenner- Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport and associates to Ministry office.



Vice Chairman: Oakdale Watch (neighbourhood watch)

·        2009-2010







Financial Year 2009: Reached 11th position in Momentum’s Coastal region (Western, Eastern and Northern Cape, Orange Free State), won Silver class and onshore convention


Financial Year 2006: Reached Momentum’s Gold status and top 50 in the country


1988- 2002: Member of Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (Completed Royal Schools Practical Exams in Piano and Trumpet, and Unisa Exams for Practical and Theory of Music)


1997-1999: Lead roles in school production ‘Grease’ and ‘Fiddler on the roof’, awards for best trumpeter from music institutions


1995-1996: Cultural and hockey awards and academic prizes


1992-1994: Prefect, academic prizes, lead actor in school production: Oliver, Prizes for signing, music and table tennis 






Andre Roode                                                        Cell no: 0828067387

Ex - Wall Street Branch Manager: Momentum   Office: 021- 943 9600


Hendrik van Niekerk                                           Cell no: 084 677 2215

Ex - Peninsula Branch Manager: Momentum                 


Jeffrey Lentin                                                      

Momentum Financial Planning                            Office: 021- 914 4660

Ex - General/ Regional Manager


Johan van der Merwe                                          Cell no: 0824911823

Ex - Helderberg Branch Manager: Momentum                       


Carol Barends                                                      Cell no: 0826532711

Ex- Human Resources Manager: MOL S.A (Pty) Ltd


Johann Van Zyl                                                    Cell no: 0828079254

Ex- Regional Manager: Momentum