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Welcome to our website. Do you need advice on music, mathematics, property? Find it here.

Our Mission

DMD EDU-HOME is an enterprise that offers world-class services. Born out of decades of research, it is a company that takes advantage of the cultural diversity of its home base, South Africa. Areas that dominate their portfolio consist of music, mathematics, property and artefacts of significant heritage. 

Company Profile

Being essentially a needs-driven initiative that originated in 1999, DMD EDU-HOME strives to cater for a wide range of products and services in education and property. In addition, it offers published material in the form of specialised books, audio and video material, while also offering educational services in mathematics, accounting, music theory, violin, piano and keyboard.  

Drawing upon the professional expertise of its members, DMD EDU-HOME intends presenting to the market-place resources on Cape Malay and Islamic music,  tone deafness and mathematics.  Musical transcription of a variety of non-Western music, including African and Indian music are offered as additional services.

The property portfolio caters for personalised services in the field of real estate.  Rental accommodation, and to a lesser extent, selling of property, are services on offer to clients of      DMD EDU-HOME.

THE LOGO:  The colours of the logo reflect the dedication, commitment and loyal service of the enterprise to SOUTH AFRICA and its people.  The arrows indicate the growing trend towards globalism.  True inner spiritual self-attainment is only achieved through continual gravitating introspection, reflected in the hidden letter "M".   The centrality of mathematics and music, embodied in the letter "M", is embedded in initials within the logo;  the scholarly achievements of its member Desmond Desai, underpins the universal aim of providing housing for all.

Contact Information

Telephone:      +27   +21   +913 - 1438  (h)              Cell:         084 - 4499 - 595

               +27   +21   +948 - 7035  (o)

                         +27   +21   +959 - 3892  (w)

Fax:                  +27   +21   +913 - 1438

Postal address:


               11 Baxter Street,  Bellville 7530,  Cape Town,  South Africa

Electronic mail:


              General Information:

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